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About the Program

Unleash positive transformation for your association's members with these engaging and effective micro-learning modules.

What got you here won't get you there. The accelerating pace of change in our world today requires association executives to see past the present-day challenges, to anticipate the future, realizing its opportunities and implications for their members. These micro-learning modules will give you the knowledge and skills needed to lead your associations into an era where the only constant is change.

Taking Notes


Our micro-learning modules are each about 60 minutes long, and feature some of the leading thinkers in the association community. The courses reflect evidence-based best practices, combining the art, science, and technology of adult learning that will empower you to lead your association into an ideal future state.

Provided as a service to the association community by Next Thought, AssociationsNext is a free resource, and is open to anyone. So what’s next? Find out by claiming your free account now!
Digital Strategy for Associations
Course 1
Digital Strategy for Associations
Design Impactful Learning
Course 2
Design Impactful Learning
Organizational Strategy: More Than a Plan
Course 3
Organizational Strategy: More Than a Plan

Meet the Instructors

  • Lowell Aplebaum, CAE

    Lowell Aplebaum, CAE

    Organizational Strategy: More Than a Plan

    CEO & Strategy Catalyst Vista Cova, LLC

  • Tracy King, MA, CAE

    Tracy King, MA, CAE

    Design Impactful Learning

    CEO and Founder - InspirEd LLC
    Education Strategy, EdTech, and Design

  • Kiki L’Italien

    Kiki L’Italien

    Digital Strategy for Associations

    CEO and Founder - Amplified Growth LLC
    SEO, Social Media, Content Strategy, Analytics

Take your Association from Now to Next

Change is only disruptive if you’re behind it.

Opportunity abounds for associations that embrace the future before their competitors — even their members — and lead their organizations into an optimistic, envisioned reality.

AssociationsNext is all about helping you unleash positive change for your organization. You’ll find innovative and actionable ideas, presented in an engaging and effective learning environment.

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Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

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Rich and Engaging

Rich and Engaging

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